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Since arriving in LA, I've worked on various press junkets and red carpet interviews with Universal, Disney, Paramount, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. I also co-organized a charity event in Las Vegas, where we raised money to help ill children in need, and I would love to lend a helping hand in charity events organized by HFPA.  My whole life has been devoted to journalism.    

The copy of membership in MPAA

Born in Kharkov (Eastern Ukraine), I started my journalist career following the footsteps of my grandfather, Moisey Lvin, who was a war correspondent.  I worked for several newspapers in Kharkov.  In 2001, I received a Lucky Strike Journalist Award for my achievements in journalism.

My career as a journalist spans 20 years including 8 years in Los Angeles, where I have been accredited by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) since 2010.    

Yearning to expand my horizons, I decided to move to Moscow, where I worked for 2 newspapers “Independent Newspaper” and “Moskvovskiy Komsomolets”.  I also worked for a variety of different magazines such as: 7Days, The Day, Hello! Magazine, Penguin, Telenedelya, VIVA! and many others.  I was covering events related to movie and music industries, and honing my skills, while interviewing many well-known personalities.  I was also the solo photographer for the first photo shoot of Paris Hilton in Russia for a cover of a magazine Telenedelya.  All this experience lead me to be invited to Chicago to work for the “Russian radio", and later to Los Angeles, by designer Kira Plastinina, as a special journalist and photographer to cover her events.  

Anna Greentree

My grandfather Moisey Lvin 

Professional skils

* TV interviews, reports * Print interviews             * PR specialist                 * Producing                     * Fashion design